Breton Eco-tourism


The traditional campsite is quintessentially associated with outdoor living, but is it still synonymous with natural living ?

Whereas the majority of privately-owned luxury campsites offers an ever-increasing array of activities and entertainment programs, slowly turning campsites into densely built up environments, many are now seeking, with a certain nostalgia or renewed interest, a more traditional and simple way of camping.

Some of us wish to rediscover those wilder places where it is possible to reconnect with nature and one another.

Wild campsites, borne out of the concept of eco-tourism, ought to be places where new experiences are possible, and not just places where normal domestic living is recreated.

Here, every day comfort gives way to the opportunity of community living, where the importance of material possessions disappears to be replaced by that of connectedness to others, and where, in harmony with nature, individuals can rediscover a simpler way of living. 

The Guen campsite offers a unique environment to try out this habitats on wheels.

The Guen campsite offers a unique environment to try out this habitats on wheels.

The ethical principles of eco- tourism are at the heart of CahutLab and they are embodied in :

  • Our natural micro habitats on wheels. These are able to generate their own energy needs. The mobility of our tiny houses minimises their impact on the ground, and allows the discovery of new areas, people and ideas along the way. These habitats not only allow for the nomad in you to travel far and wide, they also enable you to simply follow the path of the sun, or easily change decor by moving from one spot of the campsite to another.

  • Our particular attention to the environment you stay in; we strive to keep occupation density low so as to enable the respect of everyone’s privacy and an easy access to the surrounding nature.

  • Our aim to promote opportunities to meet up others; for this purpose, we set up workshops such as gardening, vegetable growing, raw food cooking, land-art, ornithology, botany, as well as themed wilderness walks led by passionate experts.

  • Our intention to link up with our local environment; our environment is not only natural, it is also social, artistic and based around citizenship. It is therefore important to link the Natural and the Cultural in our involvement through educational workshops, community projects, cultural and artistic events.