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Le Guen

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Organic Market

A small grocery store that offers a local service.

Come find our selection of local, organic and fair trade products.

Opening hours :  

September : 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm

August and July : 8am to 2pm and 3pm to 9pm



Italian coffee to start the day well, and everything you need for a drink watching the sun set.

You can also order from here your bread and croissants.

Opening times :

September : 10am till 1pm and 4pm till 7pm

August and July : 8am till 2pm and 3pm till 9pm

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Wellness massages

Every Friday in July and August, in amongst the pine trees and the bird songs, sheltered from prying eyes and the elements, Juliette offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in wellbeing.

Let yourself be transported in a world of total relaxation.

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Food-truck night

Every Saturday in July and August, on the village square of the Camping du Guen, O’TOUBON, a Breton food truck offers burgers and fries, mostly organic, made with local and homemade products.

All with an infectious smile !

To learn more, click here



Made in the 30s in the Italian Dolomites, tree climbing tracks have become very popular and we’ve decided to make some on our camping site, based on the same system but… only 40 centimeters away from the ground !

Enough to entertain the younger children without neglecting the older ones : both children and teenagers can enjoy an open space with acrobatic and physical courses where everyone can invent their own pathway…

… or score a three-pointer on a basketball field !

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Moving rotisserie

For quickly made meals who are cooked like they once used to be in the castle courts, this breton rotisseuse will offer you her roast chicken with potatoes (as well as fries, to the great delight of kids).

Every Tuesday in July and August, from 5pm. 

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Chantal’s goal is to showcase the classics of Breton cuisine using only products of local farmers respecting nature. 

She will make you love her galettes (Breton specialty, like a salty crepe) and crepes every Wednesday in July and August, from 4pm. 


Must have « Moules Frites » (mussels and French fries)

On the coast of Brittany, mussels and French fries have become a must have meal for warm-hearted holiday nights. 

Every Thursday in July and August, from 6pm, Typhaine will offer several recipes of local mussels, served with crispy fries.